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David Bassett

David Bassett

Cheltenham Half Marathon for the Hollie Gazzard Trust.



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Hi in my crazy 50th year i decided to set myself a few challenges. Cycling is my primary sport and I completed 2 tough sportive rides 1 in Wales was 140 miles and 12,500 ft of climbing hills. then i tackled the Marmotte challenge in the French Alps this was 108 miles and 19,500 ft of climbing and pushed me to the very limit of endurance. Not content with that I also entered the Cheltenham half marathon to try and raise some money for the Hollie Gazzard Trust. I like running but do find it tough. I'm in training running 3 times a week trying to get into better shape to complete the half marathon. This will be the furthest distance i've ever run and will be a tough challenge for me. So please if you can afford any money please make a donation either big or small to this great charity. 

When Hollie Gazzard was horrifically murdered in February 2014, her family wanted something positive to come out of their tragic loss. Hollie’s passion for hairdressing led her parents, Nick and Mandy, alongside her sister, Chloe, to form the Trust in order to give opportunities to others that she had been fortunate to have.

HGT helps reduce domestic violence through creating and delivering programmes on domestic abuse, helping victims of stalking and promoting healthy relationships to schools and colleges. In addition, it funds hairdressing training for young people who may not otherwise have the funds to study – Hollie was passionate about hairdressing and HGT enables others to follow their dream.

HGT also campaigns to reduce anti-social behaviour and knife crime. The ultimate aim of the Trust is to positively change the lives of young people through partnerships in communities, as well as working alongside other charities and professional agencies.

While Hollie’s family are still devastated by her untimely death, and unable to change the events of that fateful day, they hope that the funds raised through HGT will help others find a better future and reach their potential. The Trust relies on the generosity of the individuals and companies that support it.

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