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In December 2019 I will be a member of the Clipper Race 2019-2020 sailing on the Punta Del Este yacht. I will be sailing for 5 months raising money for the Holly Gazzard Trust and UNICEF (via JUST GIVING).

You can follow me throughout the race www.clipperroundtheworld.com/race/standings

Beautiful young Hollie Gazzard was horrifically murdered in February 2014 by her ex-boyfriend. After a sustained period of harassment he stabbed her to death at her place of work Fringe Benefits and La Bella Beauty salon in Gloucester.

Hollie's family wanted something positive to come out of their tragic loss. Hollie’s passion for hairdressing led her parents, Nick and Mandy, alongside her sister, Chloe, to form the Trust in order to give opportunities to others.

In addition to supporting young people the Team developed Hollie Guard, a personal safety app. which can be used by every age group to stay safe, lone workers, lone sports people, vulnerable people, its application is only restricted by imagination. Check out Hollieguard.com/UserGuide.pdf

The app is free to download but to raise some money for the charity I am encouraging you all to make a donation per download.

Many thanks for your support

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